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Nanny/Junior Nanny

Live-in job

Driver, Live-in nanny for 4 children

1080 lire/luna

Petworth, West Sussex

09-01-2020 13:01:02


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Junior Nanny or Nanny needed! Location: Petworth, West Sussex.  LIVE-IN or LIVE-OUT POSITION.  DRIVER REQUIRED. Children: 4 children ages 7, 5, 4 & 1. Duties: helping mother out with kids, cleaning and cooking after kids, running errands, some childcare, helping around the house with what is needed. Hours: 6-12hrs/day (30-60hrs/w). Pets: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses. Weekly salary: £270 -£639.50 per week, babysitting paid separately. 


Ideal candidate:Kind fun open candidate who is good with kids and helpful attitude. Loves animals and likes living on a farm with animals. Reliable honest relaxed and hard working.

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